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VCU Acceleration alum Emma Eberwien is a small-town girl with big ambitions in the field of clinical radiation sciences.

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College is an important time to refine and explore your career goals. The VCU Pipeline programs allow you to spend time in the health sciences schools on the university’s MCV Campus where you can learn from current professors and students about the school and/or career of your choice. Learn how to become a competitive applicant to health sciences schools and what it takes to reach your goals.

VCU Acceleration

VCU Acceleration (VCUA) is a comprehensive program for incoming VCU freshmen who are interested in pre-health concentrations in medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and other health sciences. Participants take part in a four-week residential summer program prior to their freshman year and live together in a living-learning residence hall during their freshman year.

The program is designed to help students acquire the math and science skills necessary to pursue a career in the health sciences, as well as learn more about the various health specialties. Click to learn more about VCUA.

Summer Academic Enrichment Program

The Summer Academic Enrichment Program (SAEP) is an intensive, six-week interprofessional academic enrichment program designed to help junior and senior undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students develop academic skills to help them become competitive for admissions into a health professions track of their choice.

Students may choose a concentration from among four disciplines: dentistry, medicine, pharmacy and physical therapy. Click to learn more about SAEP.

Allied Health Career Exploration

Allied Health Career Exploration (AHCE) is a two-week, non-residential summer program for rising college freshmen and college undergraduate students. Participants explore the diverse professional programs available at the VCU School of Allied Health Professions.  Click to learn more about AHCE.

Academic and Clinical Skills Symposium

The Academic and Clinical Skills Symposium (ACSS) gives college and post-baccalureate students interested in health careers beneficial information and hands-on demonstrations so that they may become competitive medical school applicants.

A joint project between the VCU School of Medicine Office of Student Outreach Programs and the Student National Medical Association, the daylong symposium is held in the fall of each year, usually in October.  Click to learn more about ACSS.

HSA Mentorship

The Health Sciences Academy (HSA) Mentorship is an opportunity for VCU undergraduates to serve as mentors to high school students enrolled in the HSA health sciences exploration course.  HSA mentors have a significant impact on the high school students, helping them to navigate career options in the health professions.  Mentorship occurs both on and off campus and varies by participating high school.  Transportation service is provided for all mentors serving in local schools.  Click to learn more about HSA Mentorship.


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