About Us

We encourage students from highly diverse backgrounds into the flow early, moving in a specific direction, providing experiences designed to intrigue, challenge and inspire them with the potential of a career in the health sciences.

– Michael Rao, Ph.D., president of VCU and VCU Health System

About Us

The Division for Health Sciences Diversity (DHSD) is strategically positioned within the Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences on the VCU Health Campus to create programs that diversify the pool of applicants to Virginia Commonwealth University’s health sciences professional programs. The critical shortage of diversity among health care professionals in the United States is a result of the interrelated barriers underrepresented individuals face regarding education, income, and health care when pursuing a health career. To address these barriers, the VCU Division for Health Sciences Diversity implements the VCU Health Sciences Pipeline.

Our goal is to expose students to a wide variety of health careers through experiential learning, assist them in building and utilizing vital resources and networks, and boost their ability to meet and exceed academic and admissions requirements for the health professional program of their choice.

The VCU Pipeline embraces a holistic definition of diversity to ensure highly talented, diverse groups of students are afforded equitable access to academic and social resources through our robust network of health sciences professionals and community partners.


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