Compromiso, Valores, Servicio (CVS)


Eligibility requirements

12th-grade and college Spanish-speaking students (18 years of age or older), who are interested in exploring a career in pharmacy. You do not need to be a resident of Virginia to participate; distance learning options are available.  Minimum GPA requirement of 2.8.

Program description

CVS is an academic year semester-based program. Participants meet once a week in person or online for 90-minute sessions to develop clinical skills, and learn about the pharmacy profession. CVS offers participants the opportunity to serve as an interpreter through immersive shadowing opportunities and participation in a student-run clinic. The program includes a PCAT Bootcamp. 

Participants are required to provide their own transportation and parking during the program.  Participants are provided a $200 stipend to cover any resource materials required to participate in the program. Commitment to full attendance is required to participate. 



Late September  - Early April, Saturdays


VCU Health Campus and off-site locations.

Contact information

Taryn Hayes at


Old pharmacy prescription bottles on display in the VCU School of Pharmacy lobby