Governor’s School for Medicine and the Health Sciences

Governor’s School for Medicine and the Health Sciences

Program dates: July 2018

The mission of the Virginia Governor’s School for Medicine and the Health Sciences is to provide an enhanced curriculum that explores the health sciences and medicine through a systems-based, problem-solving approach that utilizes case studies, laboratory investigations and real-world shadowing experiences. Students will see the connections among the patient, the community and the health scientist.

Students selected for the program spend a total of four weeks at VCU discovering the newly emerging fields and advancements that will revolutionize health care in the 21st century. This highly motivated group of students is carefully chosen through a rigorous application process. Once students are accepted from their districts, their applications proceed to the state level.


Application to the Governor’s School begins at the home school for each student. Typically each school will open nominations to the summer governor’s school programs in the fall. Each school will have its own unique process, but generally this process will include input from teachers and guidance counselors. Selected students are then approved at the division level before their applications reach the state level.

If you or your child is interested in learning how to apply for this Governor’s School program, please contact your school counselor and/or visit the Virginia Department of Education website.

The VCU Division for Health Sciences Diversity cannot answer questions regarding the application process. Please forward all inquiries to your high school guidance counselor or the current state specialist for Virginia Governor’s Schools programs.

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