Health Sciences Academy Mentorship

Health Sciences Academy Mentorship

Program dates: January 17th-May 5, 2017
Application available: Sep 4-Nov 11, 2016
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Mentorship Opportunities at Cosby

HSA mentors serving at Cosby High School Health Sciences Specialty Center have a significant impact on high school students, helping them to explore career options in the health professions.  VCU students who wish to serve as mentors in the spring semester apply during the fall semester. All VCU undergraduates are encouraged to apply to become mentors. Students enrolled in Psychology, Interdisciplinary Sciences, or the Kinesiology and Health Sciences major or minor programs can use the upper level service-learning course to fill curriculum requirements.  

Applications for Spring 2017 mentor positions are due Nov 11, 2016.

2017 HSA Mentorship Service-Learning  Courses

HSA mentors at Cosby enroll in a three credit VCU Service-Learning course taught during the spring semester only. The three credit course, Effective Mentoring Practice, is offered as a PYC 492 or HPEX 491.

Spring 2016
PSYC 492/HPEX 491 – Effective Mentoring Practice
-3 lecture hours, 3 credits
-Service-Learning placements at Cosby High School, Health Sciences Specialty Center
-Spring 2017 meeting times: Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Mentoring strategies are applied toward working with youth at the Cosby High School Health Sciences Specialty Center to assist them in preparing for careers and college entrance. Curriculum will include application of theoretical knowledge and reflective exercises to build mentoring skills and foster positive youth development. Workshops will be created in teams to introduce high school students to effective techniques for time management, college and career selection and delivering effective presentations.

Mentor Transportation to Schools

Drop-off and pick-up shuttle transportation service is provided for all mentors serving in local schools.


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