About Us

We encourage students from highly diverse backgrounds into the flow early, moving in a specific direction, providing experiences designed to intrigue, challenge and inspire them with the potential of a career in the health sciences.

– Michael Rao, Ph.D., president of VCU and VCU Health System

About Us

VCU has an extensive record of commitment to recruiting, admitting, retaining and graduating individuals from diverse backgrounds into the health professions. The VCU Health Sciences Pipeline is the central coordinating resource for initiatives that support this commitment. The Division for Health Sciences Diversity serves as the central office for VCU Pipeline programs.

The division is tasked with centralizing recruitment, data management and evaluation for VCU Health Sciences Pipeline programs. We also work to develop substantial and effective partnerships within VCU and throughout the Greater Richmond community.

Our goal is to reach promising students from all communities, expose them to the incredible variety of careers in the health sciences, excite them about pursuing a profession in health care and prepare them for that path.

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